Bryant Property offers a unique selection of off-campus student housing all conveniently located less than1 mile from campus.

We are a family run business bringing over 20 years of experience in property management to the area as well as over 20 years of experience as parents. We understand the needs of students as they learn to balance their newly found independence with the coinciding responsibility of becoming an adult. We strive to offer a well maintained and safe environment while respecting the student’s need for room to grow. We WELCOME you and are pleased to assist in finding just the right location for YOU!

We are very excited to announce the completion of Bryant Park West! We are proud to present a sustainable housing option for student residing in Durham, NH. Our 40 unit community on Mast Road incorporates environmentally responsible design with the amenities we all appreciate and would expect to find in quality housing. Students will soon discover green living to be easily achieved without sacrifice. Innovative, durable construction includes the use of solar panels, green roofs (yes, there are plants up there!), energy efficient appliances, solar thermal heat and hot water, previous pavement, and single stream recycling. Descriptions are listed below. We invite you to schedule a visit today.

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Bryant Park West
Mast Rd, Durham, NH
Introducing Bryant Park West: Durham’s answer to sustainable housing! Our 40 unit community on Mast Rd incorporates environmentally responsible design with the amenities we all appreciate…. read more.
Studio Apartments
140 Madbury Rd. Durham, NH
Our Studios offer privacy and Independence:Located in Durham on Wildcat transit less than a mile from UNH. Have your own private space and be close to downtown… read more.
4 Bedroom on Mast Rd
Mast Rd, Durham, NH
Beautiful 4 Bedroom home close to UNH in quiet & private setting…read more.
21 Park Court: House
Park Court, Durham, NH
This cozy 3 Bedroom house provides all the comforts of home while located within easy access of all downtown Durham has to offer…. read more